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smartphoneMy411.Online brings all your social media networks together in one easy to use and share location!

With so many social media, peer-to-peer, business-to-business, and other social sharing networks on the web it's often hard to choose which ones you want to use - most people participate in an average of 3 social media platforms and ultimately have profiles scattered all across the web on those individual platforms. My411.Online not only brings all those social media and business-to-business platforms together to allow you to easily choose from and manage, but our extensive profile manager supplements any social media platform you currently use, and it allows you to store and share a growing range of individual information for easy retrieval at any time.


Whether you are seeking to establish your 1st online presence or consolidate (and manage) several online profiles in one easy to use location, All My 411 Online and 411 About Me brings you a robust Personal Page Creator, with Profile, Personal Information, Social Media Management, Crowd Funding, and other recognized Social platforms built-in, just for you.

Moving our focus from the community aspect of social media back to media and information management allows you to focus on using social community programs you are already familiar with and use every day, while we focus more time on the real core of social media for you: YOU!

Over 200 personal profile fields (and growing), with more viewing preferences, multiple page types, multiple template choices, personalized fields, tables, and options planned to choose from 411About.Me/AllMy411.Online can be more than a social profile and social media manager ~ by utilizing the field personalization options your page can serve as your personal daily start page, your digital online calendar, blog, journal, medical tracker, IHSS Provider Resource,  online resume', emergency contact information (ICE) manager, and more ... even, ultimately, to serve as a household information base, project manager, and communication manager, or what-ever you need it to be for ALL.

Built-in social media fields for over 50 different social media platforms allow you to list all the major SM websites you participate in helping friends find you and maybe find new SM communities to join as well. Easily index and share your Crowdfunding Efforts, Revenue Streams, and Downline Marketing programs too. All YOUR information, available on line, all the time!

Check out a beta-test or demo profile page with all the fields set to public so anyone who chooses may see the information. When you register for your own page and start to fill out the various fields you will [ultimately] be able to select who can see that information - intended choices may include such options as Private, Personal Network, Self, Family, ICE, Social Circle, Friends, General Public. 

You can Create Fictitious, Gamer, AKA,  SCA, Title, and Other Personas Here!

While many of the profile and social media applications available at this writing limit you to real profiles we give you more latitude to express yourself, and the real you. New "Page Types" and "Page Profile Types" are added as necessary and currently options include: Beta-Test, Demo, Real, Fictitious, Personal, Private, Hidden, AKA (Also Known As), SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), Community Title, CB Handle (Citizens Band Radio), HAM Radio Operator Operator, Companion [Animal], Maiden (Maiden Name), Community Name, Alter Ego, Super Hero, Family, Business, Professional, Resume, Mature Adult, XXX, Organization (Federally Recognized 501c3 Only), Alias, Pseudonym, Military, Group, Agency, Location, Government, School, Dating, Tribute, Revenue, Downline, DBA (Doing Business As), Funding (Crowd Funding), Alternate Persona, and RIP.

You can have multiple page types for one account by linking the pages together, individually or collectively, within each page; you can run multiple pages and individual accounts, or you may do a little of both.  Please understand that certain page types may require real validation information for group, page owners, audience, owners, developers, and operators protection and security measures ~ this information will always be encrypted and can only be viewed by site operators internally for legal, security, or other matters protecting the safety and enjoyment of these services for all.

Direct Domain Naming!

Add a personalized domain name from www.NameMy.Space to add personalized access and easily share your profile pages and get personalized email services and more!

Easy to Get Started as a Beta-Test Partner!

Getting started could not be easier in the Beta-Test mode ~ tell us what sort of page you want to create and what sort of profile is going to support it, provide a page owner name, create a password, and verify a post-registration email we will send you. Then it is an easy manner to log in to one of three easy to remember domain names and start creating your new information page.

Benefits of Becoming a Beta-Tester

1st off, how often do you get to be in on the developmental level ground floor of a new and exciting application designed to help you be more productive, achieve a greater reach, and obtain a greater level of results, pride, and satisfaction from your organizational social efforts?

2ndly, the first 100 beta-testers will be lifetime partners in helping choose further development of this application and network and by launch time planned benefit choices include: first-line level knowledge and top-tier advertising for revenue opportunities, a Lifetime Beta-Test Partner badge/marker on their chosen pages and profiles, 1st level downline advertising to lower tiers and overall network, a to be determined percentage of share in any merger or sale of the project, discount web services, pre-announcement on all network partner specials, beta-test only partner specials, and more.  

(Beta-Test Options Limited to 1st 100 Verified Unique Profile Requests, 1 per Verified Individual, Unlimited Pages per Unique Profile Request (Individual).)

 Easy Access Domains Available Soon:

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Use www.FindMy411.Online to Search.
Use www.411About.Me to share your profile with others.

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