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Independent Patient Care Advocate and Domain Name Registrar, Web Designer, and Web Host, born in Hazelcrest, IL. (Chicago Suburb), raised in Phoenix/Gilbert, AZ, Graduated from the "Old Alamo" Gilbert High School in 1975, ordained Minister of Music and Deacon of Young Men Outreach in 1976, diagnosed non-A/non-B Hepatitis (HEP C/HCV) positive in 1977, lived in San Diego, CA. since 1985, and an active community advocate of the San Diego LGBT Communities since 2004.

Survived multiple suicide attempts, suicide of a partner, an extreme auto accident leaving me with lifetime difficulties, drug and alcohol abuse, mentally and spiritually abusive relationships, a police SWAT action in my home, physical abuse by care givers and apartment mates, and a knife attack leaving me with a 6" head gash.

Living in San Diego, California, since 1985 I share my time with my California State IHSS Client, Gary De Pierro, and after being "outside" (eg: homeless) since December 2016 we currently live in a small SRO Hotel in the University Heights/Hillcrest area.

Explore, Embrace, Educate, Entertain, Empower, & Enrich!
Make these 6 things a daily mission and goal - take each new day, one at a time, with gusto as new opportunities to make a difference!


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Forward Movement at ALL Times ~ Carpe Diem!
Seize The Day, One New Day at a Time!
Chicago Hts, IL., Phx, AZ., Gilbert, AZ., Chicago, IL., So. Bend, IN., Houston, TX., San Fran, CA.
Not Sexually Active, In a Relationship
In a Relationship
Web Design, Humanity, Spirituality, Relationship Dynamics, Rocks, Gems, Cats, Leather
Mike Little Associates / Ronald Ray Hardin Foundation
Development of The Ronald Ray Hardin Foundation for Humanitarian Support and The C2B Community network as a social media news and peer-to-peer support community.

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5' 8" (176 cm)
140-159 Pounds (64-72 kg)
Length & Sytle Varies Often, Short, Crew Cut, Flattop, Military, Ivy League / Preppy, Mowhawk, Brown, Salt & Pepper
Trim and muscular "good boy/boy next door" look without being athletic or beefy. Recovering from a severe depression and weight drop to 118, currently 140, and average 175 when healthy and working out. 20% MBI. Eat healthy and nutritiously, listen to my body, and try to do at least a 20 minute walk daily. NO recreational drugs; social to moderate alcohol; and authorized for 420RX.
Hazel, Glasses
Good Nutrition, Lactose Intollerant, Salads, Pizza, Pastas, Beef, Fish, Poltry, Pork
Real Profile
Michael "Mike"
YOUNG ADULT (18-21), ADULT (21-45), GOUNDING (46-60), SENIOR Class (61-69), SILVER Senior (70-79), OCTOGENARIAN (80-89), PLATINUM Partner (90-99), GOLDEN Warrior (100+)
M (MATURE 18+)
18 of 50 States, Tijuana.
San Diego Botanical Garden
Old Mayan Ruins.
Aztec & Inca Ruins
The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.
Mr. Mouse
resident with "Snowball"
Lila Mae Dukes
Daisey Mae Dukes (RIP 8/2014)
resident with "Scotty"
Due to physical medical considerations I am not exactly an athletic individual - I do enjoy working out with resistance machines and free weights, and some light wrestling, especially when combined with some firm, passionate, intimacy.
2009 California LeatherSIR/boy/Community Boot Black Contest
2009 San Diego Eagle Basket and Bulge Contest
Judges Assistant 2005 San Diego Leather Daddy / Boy
Head Talley Master 2005 US Daddy/Boy Contest
Tally Master Mr. San Diego Leather 2009-2011
Judge Mr. San Diego Eagle 2010
Judge 2009 Knight of Leather Contest
Contestant: 2006 San Diego Leather Daddy, Mr. San Diego Eagle 2007, Mr. San Diego Leather 2008, International Mr. Leather 2009, Mr. International Leather 2010
I love the community competition process - it's all about self realization and makes one look at where they are at the moment, how they got there, and where they want to go. It has been my honor to participate in many contests over the years, whether as an assistant, judge, producer, contestant, or just a member of the audience the passion and comradery is always incredible.
Long Hair (Classical), Electronic (Techno), Old School (Disco), Rock and Roll, Country Western, Show Tunes, Gospel, Old School Electronics (Moog), Easy Listening, Orchastral, Transadental, Pipe Organ, Harpsichord, Seasonal
Stargate SG-1, The Librarians, Two and a Half Men, Bones, House, Queer as Folk, Weeds
Star Gate, Star Wars, Star Trek, D.A.R.Y.L., Short Circuit, The Money Pitt, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Another Gay Movie, Dead Poet's Society, Awakenings
I Robot
"Home for the Holidays" Special Delivery Client Annual Holiday Dinner - 12/17/14, 1700-2000
Nominated for San Diego Leather Community Awards and Nickey Awards over the years - details to follow.
Old School Music, Vintage Sound Equipment, Website Design
This user have not music yet
Own Place to set up with 'extended family'.
Imperial Court de San Diego
San Diego Boys of Leather
San Diego Leatherboys
San Diego League of Gentlemen
Club X San Diego
San Diego Pain Guild
International Mr. Leather (Classes 2009 & 2010)
Mama's Family in Leather
Mr. San Diego Leather (1st Runner Up 2007)
Mr. San Diego Eagle (2008)
Whether in my relationship(s), home, community, or world I am a "service oriented" individual who participates in volunteer assistance and non-profit support as often as time, health, and finances allow.

More to follow .......
Peer-to-Peer social community network where subscribers work to support each other so that no roan ever need be traveled alone.
NA (Crystal Meth)
CoDA (Co-Dependents Anonymous)
Over time I learned that my chemical and alcohol abuse was directly related to my dysfunctions as a Co-Dependent and the abuse was a symptom of my codependency. I left a crystal meth and emotionally abusive relationship of 17 years in 2004 and through a daily connection with my higher power and the principles of the 12-Step programs I no longer allow people to control my life in ways that are mentally, physically, emotionally, or, Spiritually damaging.
2010 ICSD Minister of Leather
Mr. San Diego Eagle 2008
Mama's Family in Leather "Mama's Mr. Mike"
Mr. San Diego Leather 2007 1st Runner Up
San Diego Leather Daddy 2005 1st Runner Up
Minister of Music & Deacon of Young Men's Outreach 1977
411 About My FAMILY
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411 About My TOWN
MORE 411 About ME
Me, My Parent(s), A Hospital
My Birth
Ed Little and Joan Reill (St. Jacques)
Mom & Dad Wedding Anniv. 6/28
CoDA Sobriety 10/10/2004
Gilbert High School Graduation 6/1975
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Mom 2/20
Dad 6/13
Sis 10/28
Ronald Ray Hardin, aka "Boy Ron/Mama's 'Lil Leatherboy", RIP 7/23/12
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Dental apt. North Park Dental Clinic - 2/17/15
To leave on ongoing legacy of self-help for others when challenged by life's twists and turns.
SIR, Daddy, Dominent, Versatile, Switch, Polyamarous, Complicated, Family Oriented
Up to 500 Old School DJ and Misc. Vinyl $2-$7.50 each - $750 ALL.
Up to 300 CD's covering 1978-2008 $2.00-$5.00 each - $450 ALL.

Ronald Ray Hardin - aka "Boy Ron", "Mama's Lil'Lea
My Friend, My Partner, My Sounding Board, A Community Advocate, A Humanitarian
8 Years
A San Diego LGBT Community Advocate and Supporter for over 30 yrs, Ronald Ray Hardin, gave of himself to his fellow man passionately and tirelessly.

While often a "challenge", or "a bit of a pill" as his sister referred to him "Boy Ron" always tried to make a change in others and bring a smile to everyone he had contact with, whether on the phone with his executive travel clients or working alongside others at a community event.

My "Baby Boy" passed in my arms at 7:30am on July 23, 2012.
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Quality of Life Improvement
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