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1st Off: What is THIS Application Network all about?

Quite simply, THIS Network Application is ALL ABOUT YOU!

This application is about what makes you tick, it's about the things that interest you, it's about who you are, it's about how you communicate, and it's about the individual things that make you, YOU.

We're about helping you put all your information in one concise, easy to use, location. Whether it's from a laptop, notebook, PC, Mac, cell phone, tablet, smart TV, or just about any digitally connected device we are all about ALL of Your Info ALL of the Time!

So, you're another social media network?

No, not really.

While we have a social community component available through a different network this platform leaves the social part of it up to those people already doing that, WE are all about INFORMATION and helping you gather, group, store, edit, and access it easily.

What sites are involved this Information Network?

Easy to remember and enter domains,

like www.411About.Me, www.AllMy411.Online, www.FindMy411.Online, and www.ManageMy411.Online.

When was it started?

Fast Answer: 2010, but it started as an adult profile manager and an adult community ...

then we realized we were limiting ourselves to just one sector of humanity and society, and our focus shifted to a more rounded, more generalized, more positive, and more inclusive approach to serving ALL humans in ALL sectors of society in 2014.

However, the long story actually began with our 1st profile manager and social community, "The Proud dot Net: Step Up to the Net with Pride" in 1995. Yes, we've been producing profile information websites and social communities for over 20 years, back when the standard form of connection was a 600-900 baud modem!

Why was it created?

We've been Hosting and Promoting World Concerns and Individual Causes Since 1995 ...

and ...

Who is behind it?

Human people just like you!

While the framework, hosting, and application is the love and passion of mostly one person, and a handful of friends, this site will continue to be produced by a team of individuals, hosts, application builders, information managers, and others who have volunteered to help produce and run the site as a labor of love.

What is it's current status?

Secure Alpha Test Mode:

Secure Alpha Test Mode means the site application has been moved to an SSL (secure socket layer) server and all communication with the server is now safely encrypted for your protection and we are seeking people to establish Beta Test profiles prior to launch, planned for the 1st of the year 2019.


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