My Relationships

Try Not ~ Do! Look Not ~ Find!

So many times I have found this to be true and yesterday was once again the general topic of a conversation with yet another friend.

The conversation was focused around the times when we try so hard to make sure there is not a negative reaction to an action or words and the ultimate outcome is even worse than what we are trying to avoid.

When asked my opinion I suddenly felt like Yoda and all I could respond with was "Try Not - DO!" for I've experienced the very same thing so many times that I've finally learned that when *I* "TRY" things ARE going to get mucked up.

I'm not the kind who needs to take my quiet focused moments in prayer or meditation, my belief system has been in place for so long that I feel that I am constantly in touch with *MY* "Higher Power", which lives on through me, and as long as I keep 'myself' out of things My Higher Power keeps things on track, keeps me safe, and keeps me out of those uncomfortable situations I'm trying to avoid (which generally stem from 'fear', a healthy, but not always necessary tool and trait).

Relationship searching is no different ....

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