Other My411.OnLine Social Media & Profile Manager Features

plus-quote With a growing number of tabs and fields, additional features of your My411.OnLine Social Media, Information, and Profile Manager includes audience approperiate filtering of over 200+ unique profile fields, social media management of over 20 of the most popular social media websites, affiliate marketing tabs, wish & bucket lists, and much more!


My411.OnLine, and participarting partners utilizing the My411.OnLine Member Platform, award members for their participation by way of their Community Exchange Credits, or CEUs. My411,OnLine CEUS are awarded for such things as registering for a social media profile manager from My411.OnLine, completing your profile, referring others, and participating in various other Network and Network Partner options. CEUS can be gifted between partners, and may be exchanged for membership upgrades, sponsorship levels, free domain names, and ultimately be exchanged for online cash rewards.

Network wide instant messaging between members via uddeIM for Joomla. Tuddeimhe list of features includes:
* File attachments
* RSS Message Feed
* Autocomplete Names
* Popup and Email Notifications
* Message Control Center
* Autoforwarding
* Autoresponder
* Message encryption and obfuscating
* Message Archive
* Multiple Recipients,
* Message forwarding
* phpBB codes
* Animated Smileys
* Captcha Protection
* CSRF-protection,

200 membersAlways working to provide you with one of the most versitile and entended profiles on the web, current My411.Online profile features over 200 individual fields to choose from to create your own unique profile,  including:

  • 8 Information Tab Sets
    • General - 11 Tab Sets, 70+ Fields inc. 20+ Social Media Sites
    • Community Involvement - 7 Tabs, 16 Fields
    • Interests - 8 Tabs, 24+ Fields
    • Adult Section - * paid membership, 10 tabs, 30+ Fields
    • Pro-Active Involvement - 9 Tabs, 19 Fields inc.
      • Wish List
      • Bucket List
      • 4 Sale
      • Reminders (hidden tab)
      • Notes (hidden tab)
  • Special Profile Block for Providers
  • Special Profile Block for Adult Advertisers - * paid membership

Awaiting version upgrade to support J3 and CB2 to allow for C2B Community Network Community and Individual Subscriber Image Galleries. Once upgraded the C2B Peer-to-Peer Community Support Network Gallery System will allow C2B Community Network Subscribers to add images to their own personal profile galleries which may in turn display in the Main C2B Social Media Community Network Gallery for searching by select members at any time. With the "Premium Subscription' plan you can create two galleries, your main profile gallery available with is viewable by all registered subscribers and a second gallery which you may mark as 'Individual', 'Mature', or 'Adult' to limit it's viewing and commenting rights.

Certain levels of Our C2B Peer-to-Peer Community Support Network Subscription Levels allow for implementation our Advanced Community Support Network Smart Search features meaning more accurate results across all information and profiles within the entire C2B Social Media Community Network (including upgrading to 'Adult" with CUES AND any ONE PAID subscription level).

This fun beta-test fearure allows certain levels of C2B Peer-to-Peer Community Support Network Subscribers to share their favorite personal quotes with other subscribers on the C2B Social Media Community Network, find new favorite quotes, and share their favorite quotes with others through their enhanced C2B Community Network Profile ~ just another way the C2B Social Media Community Net works to give you more features and options to share your personal individuality.

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